Regarding TANAKA Precious Metals

Global Expansion

Precious metals are largely used in a wide range of fields and cutting-edge applications.
Our mission is, through precious metals technologies, to contribute to the development to the world as well as Japan.
Along with wider application of precious metals technologies expanded to environmental issues, energy issues and medical field, our group companies have been working toward meeting the needs of each customer.


  • TKK Seoul / EEJA Incheon
  • HEESUNG Juan, Seoul, Namdong, Gajwa, Dohwa
  • TKK Shanghai / TKC / TKCN / TEC / EEJA Shanghai
  • HEESUNG Tianjin
  • GMPT
  • T-TKK Taipei, Hsinchu, Hukou
  • TKK Taipei, Kaohsiung, EEJA Hsinchu / TET / TC
  • TKK Hongkong, Shenzhen / HEESUNG Shenzhen
  • TKK Manila
  • TKK Thailand
  • TKK Singapore(TKSG) / TES
  • TEM


  • TKK San Jose
  • TKK America(California)
  • TKK America(Chicago)
  • PGM New Jersey


  • PGM Liberec / TKK Europe(Frankfurt)

Corporate Philosophy and Code of Conduct of the TANAKA Precious Metals