TANAKA Precious Metals Matters Relating to Personal Information / Privacy Policy

Basic Policies Relating to the Protection of Personal Information (Approach on the Handling of Personal Information)

Basic Policies Relating to the Protection of Personal Information

(Basic Principles)

 The TANAKA Precious Metals, in accordance with the "Action Charter" and "Action Rules" of the Group, complies with the Personal Information Protection Law of Japan and such other laws, regulations and rules for the protection of personal information, and has established rules and a system for responding to recent movements internationally relating to the protection of personal information. The member companies of the TANAKA Precious Metals have made their employees aware of the importance of protecting personal information and have set out the following policies with respect thereto, pledging to implement and uphold these policies.

(Policies on Protecting Personal Information)
  1. The TANAKA Precious Metals shall clarify in advance the reason for using, and the possibility of providing personal information obtained by TANAKA Precious Metals member companies to subcontractors or other third parties and will establish a management system for the purpose of preventing the use of personal information, other than in cases in which the consent has been obtained from the person involved or as permitted under applicable laws and regulations, that exceeds the scope of use.
  2. In the event the TANAKA Precious Metals outsources all or a portion of the handling of personal information acquired through the measures of the foregoing item 1, it shall select an entity that meets sufficient standards for protecting personal information and shall include appropriate measures in the relevant contracts, etc.
  3. The TANAKA Precious Metals shall establish safe management measures, such as procedures for appropriately managing personal information acquired and for preventing leaks and losses of the same.
  4. The TANAKA Precious Metals shall institute a system and procedures for handling complaints and questions relating to personal information held, and shall promptly respond to the same.
  5. The TANAKA Precious Metals shall establish, implement, maintain and continuously improve a personal information protection management system with respect to the personal information concerning the customers, employees and others with whom it does business in order to comply with the laws and regulations relating to the protection of personal information, as well as with the policies and other rules stipulated by the Japanese government.

[The TANAKA Precious Metals]

The holding company for the Group is TANAKA Holdings Co., Ltd. (THD), and the operating companies are comprised of the following fifth core companies; TANAKA Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K. (TKK), TANAKA Kikinzoku Jewelry K.K. (TKJ), TANAKA Denshi Kogyo K.K. (TD), Electroplating Engineers Of Japan, LIMITED (EEJA), The TANAKA Precious Metals refers to the holding company, the above-described fifth core companies and the various subsidiaries and controlled companies of each.

Scope of Application

The information contained in "Matters Relating to Personal Information" will apply in each case in which a customer utilizes or purchases any of the services or products of a company that is a member of the TANAKA Precious Metals of companies; provided, however, that a specific TANAKA Precious Metals company may publish its own policies regarding the handling of personal information, in which case such policies will apply with respect to the customers of that specific company.