Tanaka Precious Metals X GAMARJOBAT

What kind of company is Tanaka Precious Metals?

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Japan-born Tanaka Precious Metals has gotten Gamarjobat, a well-known pantomime group in Japan, to assist in demonstrating how the precious metal processing technologies and products of Tanaka Precious Metals are utilized around the world.


Ketch!, who has red mohawked, had been performing pantomime as a solo performer, until the fateful encounter with HIRO-PON, who has yellow mohawked. They soon got together and start the Gamarjobat in 1999.
"Gamarjobat" means "Hello" in Georgian.
Their highly-acclaimed performance has been valued highly beyond the language and cultural barriers. They have invited to perform at over 200 festivals in more than 30 countries.

Tanaka performs all operations related to precious metals, from bullion procurement to material processing, manufacturing, sales, and recycling, which allows us to offer optimal combinations of solutions to the needs of our customers.

TANAKA Everywhere Precious metals used in various ways in everyday life