TANAKA Precious Metals values "activities based on mutual trust," as indicated in our Mission Statement. What supports these activities is our belief that the healthy minds and bodies of our employees and their families are essential. Therefore, the TANAKA Group implements the following initiatives to maintain and improve the health of our employees and their families.

Health Initiatives

  1. The TANAKA Group aims to cultivate an organizational culture that prioritizes safety and health, based on the belief that employee health is an important driving force for business.
  2. The TANAKA Group aims to create a workplace environment in which employees can work in healthy, happy and positive circumstances.
  3. The TANAKA Group takes a comprehensive approach to maintain and improve the health of its employees and their families, to promote a healthy work-life balance and improve productivity, aiming to create a workplace that encourages the participation of its various employees.

Implementation Structures

The TANAKA Group takes action through the Expert Health Committee to promote measures for the prevention of illness and the maintenance and improvement of the health of employees. In addition, the head of the General Administration Division was appointed chair of the Central Health Committee, and the committee deliberates on the implementation of measures and confirms and assesses their results.

Plan for Implementation

  1. To maintain Silver Certification from the National Federation of Health Insurance Societies.
  2. To maintain certification as an outstanding health and productivity management organization (large enterprise).
  3. To achieve recognition as a Health and Productivity Management Organization (White 500 category) by March 31, 2022.

Koichiro Tanaka, Representative Director & CEO
TANAKA Holdings Co., Ltd.
October 1, 2020