CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility): Strength of TANAKA

Businesses of TANAKA and Values Provided by It

TANAKA has delivered special values based on precious metals to the world for more than 130 years since the foundation. We will continue to try everything we can do with precious metals and develop new fields.

Industrial Products
We provide products that solve problems faced by customers in a very wide variety of fields, ranging from semiconductors and electronic parts to automotive materials and medicine.
We underpin the industry in general and the foundation of society through the supply of precious metal materials as an "unsung hero."

Gold & Silver Products Company

Supply of gold, silver and alloy metal-based materials (electrical contacts, sputtering target materials, joining materials, etc.)

Semiconductor Application Company

Supply of materials for semiconductor devices
(bonding wires, plating solutions and equipment)

Chemical & Refining Company

Supply of paste, catalyst and compounds with focus on the precious metal recovery and refining business

Global Marketing / R&D Division

Creation and commercialization of new precious metal products that contribute to society

PGM Products Company

Supply of platinum group materials
(platinum devices for glass melting, sputtering targets for harddisks, ultrafine wires for sensors and medical uses)

We offer gold and platinum products to diversify and protect assets in an optimal manner.

  • Coin

  • Bullion

  • Accumulation services

We deliver jewelry, which shines brightly in various scenes of life, with reliable quality that is worth treasuring for a long time.

  • Jewelry

  • Bridal jewelry

  • Artifacts

Strength of TANAKA

Tanaka Kikinzoku Group started life as a money exchange business dealing precious metals in Tokyo in 1885. Since then, we have supported social development through the supply of industrial products made from precious metals.
In 1907, we successfully established the commercial production of platinum filaments used in light bulbs. Later, we produced contacts for communications equipment, crossbar contacts for telephone switchboards and other products mainly made from precious metals. We have commercialized ultrafine gold wire for bonding, catalysts for automotive sensors and exhaust gas purification, catalysts for fuel cells, crucibles used to produce sapphire substrates for LEDs, etc. and are now working to develop and commercialize precious metal materials.
Under the slogan of "Mastering Precious Metals," through business activities involving the research, development and stable supply of materials with focus on precious metals, we will proactively take measures to tackle environmental issues, energy problems and pollution, contributing to the creation of a prosperous society and a beautiful future for the Earth.

Foundation for the Group's Activities

TANAKA's activities are based on the eight precious metal elements of platinum (Pt), gold (Au), silver (Ag), palladium (Pd), rhodium (Rh), iridium (Ir), ruthenium (Ru) and osmium (Os). Industrial precious metals products account for 70% of our business activities. TANAKA's products play active roles in a wide range of items used in our daily lives such as home appliances, information technology devices and automobiles.

Industrial precious metals products
From supply to recycling, we handle them as materials for a wide variety of industries and products.
Precious metals asset products
From the purchase of bullion and coin to the sales of them, we engage in various businesses including the supply of products to be reserved as assets.
Precious metals jewelry products
Metal, bridal and other jewelry and crafts
Total Solutions

We provide a "One Stop Service" for everything about precious metals, from bullion supply to process and manufacture, sales and recycling. Thanks to the supply routes, extensive technological capabilities, solid research systems, product development strengths and a domestic and international network of facilities that we have built up since the company was established, we provide total support to our customers in solving their issues and making improvements.

Demand-based processing
Processing to manufacture electrical contacts, printed wiring boards, chemical compounds, catalysts, bonding wire, plating solution, plating equipment, etc.
Precious metals recycling
Recovery of products that are no longer useful to society to recycle them as bullion
Ultimate Cost Reduction Method: Recycling

Valuable precious metals create value only when they are effectively used. To recycle precious metals contained in a product that has reached its end, they usually have to be traded through a market or processed into a form capable of being physically handled first. The former incurs a cost to go through the market (spread, or difference between the selling and buying prices) and the latter generates extra lead time due to the processing and distribution.
Tanaka Kikinzoku Group offers a fully integrated, one-stop service. We do everything from bullion procurement to material processing, manufacturing, sale and recycling, without trading in the market. This provides our customers with shorter lead times and a reduced cost of procuring bullion. In addition to used industrial products, waste scraps and bullion attached to equipment generated during the manufacturing process can also be recycled, which is also an ultimate cost reduction method.