CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility):Free, Vigorous and Honest Corporate Culture

Creation of a Safer Work Environment

Creation of a workplace where employees can work safely with a sense of security is a basic but profound challenge for companies. Tanaka Kikinzoku Group strives to ensure the safety and health of employees while focusing on the development of relationships that facilitate mutual cooperation between them.

Safety Activities

For comprehensive safety inspection of all production sites, we reviewed procedures for non-regular work, implemented improvement measures to reduce the risk of being caught and checked the implementation status in fiscal 2017. The implementation of the improvement measures with the concerted efforts of all employees also enhanced their safety awareness and we successfully reduced the number of accidents on production sites in fiscal 2017 to the lowest level ever. However, many employees had a falling accident on their way to work or in an administration-related workplace. Accordingly, we now give training to prevent falling accidents with DVDs and safety training materials in a constant manner. We also had safety managers mutually patrol their and other worksites and conducted safety diagnosis by safety officers of the Japan Industrial Safety and Health Association as we did in the previous year.
The number of traffic accidents was 54 in fiscal 2017, which remained almost unchanged year-on-year, while most of the accidents occurred during driving to or from work or personal time as before. The situation that more than a half of them were the accidents in which our employees were the victims has not changed either.
To prevent either occupational or traffic accidents, we believe that it is crucial to enhance everyone's sensitivity to and awareness of safety. Based on this idea, we will promote safety management activities including the strengthening of safety training.

Having gone through the "State we need to achieve" in fiscal 2017 and aiming to be the "Ideal State we would like to achieve" in fiscal 2020 based on the mid-term business plan "GOGO Plan 2020," we will promote safety management activities under the core safety policy "Give top priority to safety, and establish a secure and cheerful workplace."

Health Activities

The physical and mental health of employees leads to improvement of productivity. Our Group organizes the "health challenge" program once a year to encourage employees to enhance their awareness of health on a daily basis. In this program, the participants freely select targets from among 17 items related to health maintenance and promotion and try to achieve them during the challenge period (about two months). The program is designed to give employees an opportunity to make it a habit to maintain and promote their health and prevent diseases, etc.
In addition, while a stress check has been conducted since 2016, we are working to disseminate its purpose and significance as a measure for mental health among employees so that more employees take a stress check.

Imperial Palace Walking

We promote programs to encourage and assist employees to be involved in sports activities including "doing," "watching" and "supporting" them. As a program for the promotion of "doing" sports activities, we organized an "Imperial Palace Walking" event in October 2017 to promote the health of employees. Twenty-three employees and their family members in total joined the event and walked for about one hour on the approximately 5-km walking course around the Imperial Palace.
We received comments from the participants such that "I joined the event with my child and enjoyed it as a family event" and "The event made me feel like doing more exercise."

Imperial Palace Walking


As a retail company, Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry K.K. is responsible for ensuring the safety of customers as well as employees. To establish an environment where customers can enjoy shopping safely, it is essential that employees enhance their awareness of safety. We actively conduct initiatives for it, including enlightenment activities to encourage employees to submit proposals on potential accidents and KYT (kiken yochi kunren (danger prediction training)) activities. In addition, we have notified employees to use an elevator in principle as a measure to prevent a falling accident, which occurred often during the previous fiscal year, and gave safety education to all employees on a temporary basis. We will continuously work to enhance the awareness of safety among all employees through various initiatives.

Safety Manager, Tanaka Kikinzoku Jewelry K.K. OTA Takahito