CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility):Free, Vigorous and Honest Corporate Culture

Risk Management

Tanaka Kikinzoku Group promotes activities to predict risks from a broad perspective and prepare for them, including business continuity at the time of a disaster, etc. and security measures.

Risk Management Activities

Companies are required to address risks emerging one after another through management activities to prevent information leakage, drills to respond to natural disasters, review of the system in accordance with legal changes, responses to the internationalization of transactions and other measures. We review risk items and activate the function to check and confirm the situation of responses to them in the company while summarizing the overall situation in a committee meeting every six months.


With respect to security measures at our domestic worksites, we have basically completed the establishment of a system where employees serve as guard and development of manuals and other related documents, and are now at a stage to work to recruit human resources and update the machine guarding equipment in sequence. While it is likely that the security industry in Japan as a whole also has problems due to shortage of personnel until 2020, we will promote preparation to ensure that security tasks are performed in an efficient and effective manner while also using problems at our overseas worksites as references.

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

We conducted a drill of the emergency task force in preparation for a major earthquake hitting the Tokyo area in February 2017. While it is difficult to avoid a large-scale earthquake, which is anticipated to occur within the next 30 years with a probability of 70% or more, we are making continuous efforts to minimize the damage through preparation of related equipment, review of the manuals and implementation of the drills. In particular, we are restructuring the plan that simulates responses to various situations caused by natural disasters.
In fiscal 2017, we will conduct emergency response drills with focus on business continuity in the production field, identify any problems and further improve the plan in order to prepare for emergencies.

CSR Management

Based on the Corporate Philosophy, we will work to promote healthy business activities as a leading precious metals company and fulfill social responsibility as a member of the local community, and contribute to the realization of a prosperous society and a beautiful future for the Earth supported by precious metals. To this end, CSR management based on ISO 26000, which is international guidelines on social responsibility, is actively developed through coordination between CSR & Corporate Communications Division HQ, CSR Promotion Department and the Group's bases.