Corporate Social Responsibility: Values Created by TANAKA

Effective Use of Precious Metals

While the Tanaka Kikinzoku Group manufactures and supplies industrial products using precious metals, the production of such metals is limited. So we fulfill our duty to reuse and recycle the resources and circulate them into the market and society.

Circulating All Precious Metals

The precious metal bullion handled by our Group can be roughly divided into the following two types:

  1. ①Precious metal bullion purchased from suppliers
  2. ②Recovered and refined used products (waste)

While precious metals are limited and valuable resources that are recycled across the world, the precious metals procured by our Group from external sources as raw materials (①) can be regarded as reused articles and those recovered and refined internally as recycled articles (②). Manufacturing and selling them in the forms of products for industrial use, products for assets and products for jewelry, we do not landfill precious metal bullion by landfill as waste but circulate all of the bullion we purchase into the market.

"Bullion Is Money"

Our group thoroughly manages precious metal bullion under the slogan "Bullion is money." In addition to bullion in our production equipment, we spare no pains to recover even a trace amount of bullion attached to work uniforms and waste clothes in a careful manner to thoroughly make effective use of it.

To Realize a Circular Economy

An increased number of companies, especially those in EU, have been working for a circular economy (CE) in recent years. CE is a concept to balance the realization of a recycling-oriented society and economic activities and requires the generation of wealth from waste materials and from waste in business activities.
In the meantime, our Group procures all of the precious metal bullion to be used as raw materials from recycled resources and dispose of no bullion by landfill. We have thus already realized the "closed loop recycling" of precious metals. We will continue to contribute to the realization of CE through the effective use of precious metals.

Precious metals recycling system [RE: TANAKA]

This is a precious metals jewelry recycling system of Tanaka Kikinzoku, which was launched with "security and trust" as the keyword. We appraise precious metals with dedicated testing equipment and purchase them at a proper price set uniformly throughout Japan based on the bullion price. The purchased jewelry will be refined and then reused for industrial products, etc.

Research and Development to Create a Wide Range of Values

Application of Precious Metals Technologies to the Medical Field

Based on various technologies concerning gold nanoparticles, our Group is developing and manufacturing a wide variety of simple test kits.
Our technologies directly related to gold nanoparticles include those for changing the surface shape, controlling the particle diameter and chemically modifying the surface while our indirectly related technologies include those for fixing protein, nucleic acid, sugar, etc. to the surface of a gold nanoparticle and suppressing the nonspecific adsorption of organic materials to gold nanoparticles. In addition, we own the technology to screen the antibodies suitable for simple test agents and the technology to manufacture gold nanoparticles and simple test agents, for example.
Based on these technologies, we have developed various simple test agents that can be handled easily and enable a low-cost examination and quick determination, including simple test agents for respiratory diseases, skin diseases, mosquito-borne infections, maternal-fetal transmissions and other infections, simple test agents to be used for checking lifestyle-related diseases, which are expected to increase in the aging society, and for home healthcare and simple test agents to detect ingredients in food and hazardous substances in water.

Creation and Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

Being aware that intellectual property rights such as patent rights, utility model rights, trademark rights, design rights and copyright, as well as know-how, are important assets for companies, we actively endeavor to develop such rights.
In the research of new technology and the development, production and sales of products and goods, we respect the intellectual property rights of third parties and avoid intentional infringement of them. We also deal with any infringement activities of other companies on our rights in a strict manner in accordance with the relevant laws of each country.