CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility):Continuous Development of Trust

Quality of TANAKA

Delivery of "good items" to customers is a principle of Tanaka Kikinzoku Group.
In addition to the quality of products, we also pay attention to human rights, the environment, health and safety, ethics and other issues in the process of producing products.

Quality Management Activities Based on a Quality Management System

We have established and operated a quality management system (QMS) based on ISO 9001 in all factories of the Tanaka Kikinzoku Group.
We also review the effectiveness of the QMS and improve the system through, for example, the introduction of requirements of IATF16949, which is a QMS standard for the car industry, so that we can promptly respond to wide-ranging customer demand on quality and continuously supply safe and secure products that satisfy customers.

●Quality Management System Diagram
Quality Management System Diagram

Good Delivery Referee

Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K. serves as a Good Delivery Referee that assesses accredited refiners to help guarantee the quality of precious metals distributed in the world. The company is appointed as a Good Delivery Referee for gold and silver by The London Bullion Market Association (LBMA), and as a Good Delivery Referee for palladium and platinum by London Platinum & Palladium Market (LPPM), respectively.

Evaluation from Customers

Tanaka Kikinzoku Group has received awards, etc. from various customers in appreciation for our efforts to support their production activities.

FY2018 Major awards given by customers

Realization of CSR Activities That Satisfy Customers

○Efforts to Enhance the Reputation of Our CSR Activities

Tanaka Kikinzoku Group performs business activities in consideration of CSR issues including human rights, the environment, health and safety and ethics, and has established Tanaka Kikinzoku Group Code of Conduct and Tanaka Kikinzoku Group Standards of Conduct, which are in line with the spirit of the RBA Code of Conduct*1, to meet the demand of customers in the world as well as social expectation. In fiscal 2018, we implemented an audit by a third-party institution accredited by RBA, as well as an audit by a customer, in multiple factories in Japan and overseas and took corrective actions. In addition, we call on approximately 200 suppliers to comply with the RBA Code of Conduct and continuously conduct the survey of their status of compliance and feeding back of the results.
In the assessment by EcoVadis*2, a supply chain CSR assessment agency, concerning the environment, society, ethics and supply chain, we were awarded a silver rating again in 2018.

EcoVadis certificate
EcoVadis certificate

  • *1 RBA Code of Conduct: Code of conduct established by the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA)
  • *2 EcoVadis: CSR assessment platform in which more than 50,000 organizations from 190 business categories and 150 countries in the world are registered. Gold, silver, bronze or no medal (four-grade evaluation) is assigned depending on the rating.
○Efforts for Responsible Procurement of Minerals

We promote responsible procurement of raw materials. To this end, Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K. has established its Responsible Mineral Management Policy to control risks related to the transaction of conflict minerals including gold, tantalum, tungsten and tin in the procurement of raw materials and to avoid any procurement involving violation of human rights, terrorism, money laundering, illegal transactions, inhuman acts and armed groups. Our transaction of gold is managed based on the LBMA* Responsible Gold Guidance and we obtained certification after an audit by a third party, which has been renewed every year since 2014. With respect to silver as well, we plan to undergo an audit by a third party in May 2019 to obtain certification.

LBMA Responsible Gold Certificate

"Responsible Mineral Management Policy"