CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility):Third-party Opinion/ISO 26000 and SDGs Comparison Table

Mr. Shimizu graduated from College of Economics, Yokohama National University. After working at Japan Management Association, he was a professor at College of Business Administration, Shukutoku University, and retired to establish CCI Research Institute in 2014. His areas of specialty are environmental and CSR communication and PR management. His publications include "Strategic Thinking on PR Management," "Companies Learning from Sanpo Yoshi and Loved by People," "Environmental Communication," "Company Friendly to People - Security and Safety, Management Based on Ties,"" Introduction to Public Relations," "Theory and Practice of CC Strategies - Environment, CSR and Coexistence," "Introduction to CSR Management for Company Employees" and many more.

SHIMIZU Masamichi

Visiting Professor of Tsukuba Gakuin University, Representative of CCI Research Institute, Management Communication Study Team Leader of the Japan Society for Corporate Communication Studies, Member of the Public Relations Society of Japan, Environmental Counselor

I visited the main plants of TANAKA Holdings Co., Ltd. and constantly exchanged opinions with the staff over the past six years. Then, when I read the final draft of this report, I got an especially strong impression in comparison with previous years because this year's report contains more comments from employees than the report for fiscal 2017 and indicates advances in the efforts to establish "honest corporate culture" through the development of "human assets" and the "corporate governance" structure for modern management.

What the Globalization of Companies and Society Means

I also paid attention to the attitude to face reality and the look toward the future, both of which are found throughout the report including the pages from "Message from the President" to "Values Created by TANAKA" as well as articles on safety, quality and environmental conservation and activities to contribute to local communities. To understand the business of Ichikawa Plant to recycle components for automobile exhaust gas, I had to see a world map. I felt that this represents the influence of the company on society "in reality" and "in the future" as well as on a global scale.
When I read the draft of this report, I attached the word "global" to a large number of phrases in it, such as risks, businesses, values provided, values created, the environment, social contribution and corporate culture. Although a person can naturally have only limited knowledge and experience, with awareness of it, I tried to understand the individual activities of the company, which is developing a very wide range of businesses, from both reasonable and emotional aspects.
A series of scandals of companies and sports organizations have recently been in the news. In this phenomenon, those there feel that something is wrong and discuss it with other people or post it to share the sense of crisis that "the social order will be destroyed" with more people, and the circle then grows to cause a large social problem. Many reports have demonstrated that even a small, familiar problem on safety, quality or the environment can be recognized as a social challenge and poses a serious corporate risk in the current globalized society. As the company is working hard to develop human resources through Monozukuri University and other initiatives, I expect that it will have education and workplace communication that further enhance awareness.

Our Future Has Already Become Reality

I also noticed concerns in reality, which are the figures for CO₂ emissions and traffic accidents. Although they have decreased over the past 10 years, it is quite possible that some problem triggers criticism of reality from the future in consideration of the situation that information on the role of automobiles, which are a product of modern civilization, appears on newspapers and magazines almost every day. Although this is also a difficult challenge from a technological perspective, I hope that the company makes even more efforts to improve the figures.
In recent news, I felt uneasy with some comments of managers of major companies given with respect to the scandals on product specifications, such as "The internal communication was not enough," "I trust people but do not trust people's acts" and "What is important in crisis response is to protect all stakeholders." They may indicate that the future is already becoming reality.

Turn Awareness of Today into Ingenuity of Tomorrow

Today, the recognition that the digital revolution will be followed by a "material revolution" is presented. While the company is further expanding its potential for the future, I feel strongly encouraged by the message from Mr. Tanae, the president, in the opening of this report mentioning that the company aims for its growth and development to be a global company and that it will promote CSR activities in a more global way. The message presents his determination to take further steps together with each of the employees. I hope that the company turns awareness of today into ingenuity of tomorrow while using this report as a clue.

ISO 26000 and SDGs Comparison Table

Core subjects
of ISO 26000
Efforts of TANAKA Page SDGs
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17
Organizational Governance
Risk management activities / Business continuity planning (BCP) P20                                
Corporate governance and internal control / Board of Directors (directors) / Group Management Committee P21                                  
Board of Auditors (auditors) / Internal Auditing Department P21                                  
Human Rights
Efforts for responsible procurement of minerals P11                              
Work-style reforms P18                                
Engagement survey P19                                  
Compliance promotion system P20                              
Internal reporting system P21                                  
Harassment prevention training P21                                
Labor Practices
Safety activities / Health activities / Imperial palace walking P17                                  
Human resource development P18                                
Book to Make Use of CSR Tsushin P19                                  
The Environment
Circulating all precious metals / "Bullion is money" / To realize a circular economy / Recycling through RE: TANAKA P08                              
Environmental management system P12                        
Environmental incident eradication activities P12                            
Efforts to reduce CO₂ emissions / Introduction of photovoltaic power generation / Best Energy Saving Subject Discovery Award P13                            
Efforts to reduce industrial waste emissions P13                            
The Environment
Consumer Issues

Mitigation of global warming and expectations for the use of hydrogen P06                            
Development of electrode catalyst for water electrolysis / Potential of fuel cell and FC Catalyst Development Center / Fuel cell solutions provided by TANAKA P07                            
Application of precious metals technologies to the medical field P09                                
Creation and protection of intellectual properties P09                                  
Expectation from the global community and response to it P11                          
Consumer Issues
Quality management activities based on QMS / Good Delivery Referee P10                                  
Evaluation from customers P11                                  
Promotion of personal information management P21                                
Involvement and
Grants for research on precious metals P14                                
Bond of love - cherry blossom trees planting 135 P14                                
Support of sports for people with disabilities P15                                
Co-sponsorship of robot contest for technical college students (Kosen-Robocon) /Cultivation of human resources and development of art and culture P15                                
Donation and fund-raising activities / Sports promotion activities / Local cleaning activities P15                                  

The table shows the relationship between Tanaka Kikinzoku Group's CSR activities and SDGs.

Results of the Questionnaire Survey for CSR Report 2017