CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility):Free, Vigorous and Honest Corporate Culture

Foundation of CSR and Business Management

Tanaka Kikinzoku Group is establishing and strengthening a mechanism to maintain healthy and transparent business management that respects the positions of all stakeholders.

Corporate Governance Structure and Internal Control

We aim to realize healthy and transparent business management by enhancing the management monitoring mechanism and to always be an efficient and competitive corporate group.
We have also established a corporate governance system and specified basic policy for the internal control system to ensure respect for the rights and interests of all stakeholders, business operations in a legitimate and reasonable manner and appropriate and transparent accounting. Based on the system and basic policy, the Board of Directors, Group Management Committee, the Board of Auditors and Internal Auditing Department play their respective roles in the internal control system designed to facilitate the achievement of our management goals in a reliable manner.

■Corporate Governance System Diagram
Corporate Governance System Diagram

●Board of Directors (Directors)

The term of the directors of the Group companies is one year so that they can efficiently respond to the rapidly changing business environment and their management responsibility is made clearer. The Board of Directors of TANAKA Holdings Co., Ltd. decides the basic policy for the business operations of the company as well as the Group as a whole. The Board of Directors of each Group company makes decisions on important matters and receives reports on the status of the business operations to supervise the operations of the directors.

●Group Management Committee

As to important issues related to the Group as a whole, as well as the matters for which adjustments between Group companies are required, Group Management Committee makes discussions and decisions, undertakes adjustments and gives approval in order to facilitate discussions and operations in the Board of Directors. As the president of each Group company attends the committee meeting, the committee also aims to report the respective activities of the companies and share the relevant information.

●Board of Auditors (Auditors)

TANAKA Holdings Co., Ltd. has in place the Board of Auditors composed of all auditors, which receives reports concerning important matters related to audits and makes discussions and decisions about them. Auditors are mainly in charge of monitoring business operations of directors.

●Internal Auditing Department

Internal Auditing Department has a duty and responsibility to assess and verify whether business is performed in a proper and efficient manner and make recommendations to management on a fair and independent footing in order to help the Group companies achieve the management goals effectively. The department also exchanges opinions with the Board of Auditors and accounting auditors regularly to ensure mutual cooperation.