Corporate Social Responsibility:
For Customers, for the Environment and for Society

Protection of the Global Environment

To hand down the beautiful earth to the future is a task shared by the international community and also a major challenge.
Tanaka Kikinzoku Group is pursuing every possibility to minimize the environmental impact of its business activities.

Environmental Management System

All of our production bases in Japan have obtained ISO 14001 certification on environmental management, and make continuous efforts to perform environmental conservation activities through the implementation of the PDCA cycle. In particular, we set targets for the Group as a whole to reduce CO₂ emissions (for prevention of global warming) and industrial waste (for establishment of a recycling-oriented society) and eradicate environmental incidents (for prevention of pollution), and aggressively strive to meet the targets.
To promote environmental conservation activities in a steady and smooth manner, we have set up a Group-wide structure with the Central Environmental Committee, which is composed of site managers, at the top. In addition, SHE* Promotion Office Manager Council, as well as the Environmental Managers Sub-committee composed of environmental managers, holds a meeting periodically to share information and exchange opinions actively.
SHE: Safety, Health and Environment.

Structure to promote environmental conservation activities

Environmental Incident Eradication Activities

To prevent air pollution, water pollution and soil pollution, we have set internal limits that are even stricter than the levels required by law. In particular, the internal limits for air and water pollutants are set to be 50% of the regulatory values in principle.
In case of any abnormal situation, we respond promptly to it and strive to identify the cause and prevent its recurrence. We convey information internally through "flash reports" and submit reports to relevant government bodies in accordance with the reporting and notification standards. While we had two environmental incidents in fiscal 2017, we took corrective measures immediately and have worked to prevent their recurrence.

Number of Environmental Incidents

Efforts to Reduce CO2 Emissions

We strive for the reduction of CO2 emissions from production activities to contribute to the prevention of global warming.
Our CO2 emissions in fiscal 2017 grew by 2% from fiscal 2016 due to the construction of additional buildings and the expansion of production. While our CO2 emissions have slightly increased due to our active business activities in recent years, we actually reduced CO2 emissions by about 30% over the last 10 years. In particular, we were committed to energy saving activities with the full cooperation of the whole company after the Great East Japan Earthquake in March 2011, which resulted in a significant reduction of energy consumption after fiscal 2011.
We will continue to enhance energy saving activities such as the efficiency increase and operational improvement of various devices to further reduce CO2 emission.

CO2 emissions

◎Introduction of Photovoltaic Power Generation
Isehara Plant and Tsukuba Facility of Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K. introduced photovoltaic power generation in March 2018. Each of them estimates that the introduction will reduce CO2 emissions from the whole plant by 4%.
In addition to the bases above, we have already introduced photovoltaic power generation at Shonan Plant of Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K. and Saga Production Headquarters of Tanaka Denshi Kogyo K.K. We will promote the introduction at other plants in a planned manner.

◎Best Energy Saving Subject Discovery Award
As a program for the Energy Saving Month, we organized "Best Energy Saving Subject Discovery Award" for all employees in February 2018. We received 295 applications, such as "an energy saving item based on a totally new idea" and "an idea to achieve energy saving with a little ingenuity," and commended 61 of them. The subjects we commended will be actively adopted as energy saving measures in the respective worksites. We will also share all of the subjects in the applications through the Environmental Managers Sub-committee and the internal database and work to introduce them in the whole Group.

Efforts to Reduce Industrial Waste Emissions

Tanaka Kikinzoku Group generates a large amount of acid and alkali waste liquid when precious metals are dissolved, refined or collected from waste precious metal solution. We thoroughly separate waste to promote 3R (reduction, reuse and recycling). In fiscal 2017, the waste emissions decreased by approximately 300 tons or 7.8% year-on-year.

Industrial waste emissions