CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility):Free, Vigorous and Honest Corporate Culture

Active Role of Each Employee

While employees are being diversified, creation of a workplace where each of them can fulfill their potential is essential for the future of Tanaka Kikinzoku Group. We pay attention to various aspects of diversity and actively introduce new approaches.

Work-style Reforms

Tanaka Kikinzoku Group is committed to work-style reforms to establish a workplace where employees can work with vitality.
We encourage employees to take more paid holidays through various measures and actively send related information from the company in an effort to develop an atmosphere where employees can balance work and child care or family care.
We will continue to make efforts to establish a flexible and comfortable working environment.

●FY2017 (in Japan)

* The numbers in parentheses are data from the previous fiscal year.

Human Resource Development

Tanaka Kikinzoku Group is cultivating personnel in a planned and systematic manner in accordance with its policies of using employee training to build self-awareness and self-reliance, linking education closely to business and spending as much as 20% of work time on education. We consider that people represent both resources and assets of a company. Again in fiscal 2017, many employees took various training courses ranging from new employee introductory training to management training according to our education program. Especially in the manager training, which was reformed in 2016, many managers became aware of various issues through the training and used the outcomes for the management of their own departments.
While listening to comments from the participants, we will improve and update the education program every year.

"Tomonin" mark

Our Group is committed to promoting the development of a working environment where employees can balance work and family care.

Engagement Survey

Tanaka Kikinzoku Group (TKG) conducts an engagement survey (employee awareness survey) of all employees including local staff in other countries every three years in recognition that the improvement of employee satisfaction is an engine for the growth of the company. The timing of the survey is set in a way to allow the survey results to be reflected on the measures in the first fiscal year of each of the two three-year terms of GOGO Plan 2020, our six-year medium-term management plan. The most recent survey was conducted in September 2017 and the results were announced in the TKG quarterly manager meeting in November of the same year. We will incorporate the results into the measures for the three-year plan that starts in 2018 and develop them.

* "Engagement" means the mind of employees to make continuous efforts without giving up until they produce greater results than expected with an idea that each worker is always playing the main role as well as pride and passion for their own jobs.

Book to Make Use of CSR Tsushin

As an internal communication tool for our CSR activities, we have issued "CSR Tsushin" (CSR daily news) every day since April 2, 2012. When the 1,000th issue was published on June 17, 2016, four years after the start of issuance, we extracted and re-edited approximately 230 articles and prepared "Book to Make Use of CSR Tsushin." The printed version of the book is distributed to all worksites and the data are also shared in electronic form to make it easy to use the book as a CSR-related education or presentation material. Employees can browse and use it freely at any time. In addition to the daily issuance of CSR Tsushin, we will regularly update the Book to Make Use of CSR Tsushin to enhance internal communication.

Book to Make Use of CSR Tsushin


Founded in 2010, Monozukuri University has provided education and training for human resource development in various forms to new employees, young mid-career employees, year-round employed workers and equipment maintenance staff. In particular, the new employee training gives top priority to education on safety, health and the environment and also includes education and training on the basics of precious metals and the basics of manufacturing. The lecturers are senior workers who are playing active roles in the production field and have much practical experience. We will continuously work to provide education and training to develop human resources that can immediately work effectively for the assigned destinations.

Chief Manager, Human Resource Development Section, Business Administration Department Tanaka Kikinzoku Kogyo K.K.